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Tom Newman – December 9, 2012

Dick was snowed in today, so Tom Newman did an impromptu talked about his time in Vietnam and about a book he has written and he did a great job.                      …

David Ruiz – December 2, 2012

                            David Ruiz         Talks about his work with “reachglobal” To read/view more about “reachglobal” copy the following link and paste into your browser:…

Eric & Gina Butz – November 4, 2012

Worldwide Week – Eric & Gina Butz spoke today on:                       From Darkness to Light: The Radical Spiritual Transformation of East Asia NOTE: There are no audio or text files…

Worldwide Week – October 28, 2012

“Worldwide Week – two couple spoke today”
“Has the Last Bible Translation Begun?” Todd & Gail Nelson
“Multi-media in Modern Missions” Joel & Nancy Stolte

NOTE: There are no audio or text files this week 

Dave Aeilts – November 27, 2011

Dave Aeilts was our guest speaker today.

Dave spoke on the topic

“Ordinary People CAN Make a Difference”

NOTE: No audio recording or text available…. *