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Class will resume on February 12th

      Due to our teacher being ill,

      we have not been having class.

      We will resume next Sunday February 12th.

      Thanks for praying for Dick Johnson

      and thanks for your patience.



Chris Erickson – November 30, 2014

           “Are you bringing the
             world to the church
       the church to the world?”

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Richard Payne – December 1, 2013

Richard Payne spoke to the class today”
He talked about various activities that
are taking place around the world.
If anyone would like more information,
please contact Richard directly at Church.

Barbara Fadirepo – November 3, 2013

Barbara Fadirepo / International Students
           “Up Close and Personal”
Vignettes of Lives of International Women Students, Scholars and Spouses”

Betty Carlson – Special for June 2, 2013

“Betty Carlson – missionary spoke to the class today”
    There is no audio for todays class

Note: This was the last class until after Labor Day
Have a great summer and see you in the fall
Please view the following PDF for our summer get together

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